dJAX Ad Exchange Framework is an open platform that provides tools for the Publishers or Agencies to integrate any number of Ad Exchanges thus fetching real time revenues. The product allows the administrator to configure more than one third party ad exchanges like OpenX Market, Pubmatic, into dJAX ad exchange framework. This arrangement enables both getting inventory from other ad exchanges and sending ads to them. The dJAX Ad Exhange framework will be working based on global RTB system.

The existing dJAX system has been integrated with OpenX Market and Pubmatic. The help available in third party API interface is used to create the functionalities required and to do the implemention.

It is a technology platform capable of

1. Scaling to facilitate integrating other third party ad exchanges.

2. Creating and Managing accounts in real time.

3. Integrating OpenX Market as an advertiser and thus dealing with the OpenX Market in real time to fetch the banner and revenue details.

4. Integrating Pubmatic as an advertiser and thus importing the earnings into the dJAX system which s split by the publisher.

5. Providing the Passback Tracking system.

6. Managing the House Ads.

Ad Formats

It supports all the basic ad formats such as Text, Image and HTML banners. It also supports mobile ads. Advertisers should have popunder/popup/exit traffic campaigns. Basically, the framework allows ads whose sizes come in predefined Universal Ad Package sizes.


Using dJAX product, the potential customers are targeted using the following ways:

1. Geo-graphic targeting

Targets the consumers based on their geo locations such as country, regions, city, postal code, IP address etc.

2. Behavioral Targeting

Targets the users according to surfing behaviour, ad interactions and search activities. Uses a profile of prior behavior to determine which ad to be shown during a given visit. For example, targeting car ads on a portal to a visitor who was known to have visited the automotive section of a general media site.

3. Audience Targeting

Targets best consumers for a specific ad or campaign and this is used to effectively reach sales, acquisition and branding goals. Advertisers can efficiently reach the right audience with right message at the right time. Consumers are benefited in getting more relevant Ads.

4. Mobile Targeting

Targets by mobile devices which include iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Feature Phone.


• Manage Advertiser, Publisher accounts

• Display and mobile Ad Formats and Customization

• Global RTB system with third party ad exchanges integration

• Sophisticated Targeting Capabilities

• NET-X Payment system for publisher’s payments

• Approval Systems

• Multi-Lingual Support

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